Hello! My name is Patrick McAvoy. I’m a software developer / engineer who enjoys creating things. I believe that software should be made to help empower people to learn, grow, communicate and be better together. By creating software, we enable people to get back to what they do best. Software is meant to enable us to reach our best selves. I think we can

I am knowledgeable in technology, network communications, programming, scripting, and problem solving. I am outgoing and friendly with the ability to communicate well with others, in particular those challenged by technology. I maintain effective relationships with customers and provide a better experience through personal connections along with providing unique solutions to their needs. The fast pace environment of technology has challenged me to reach my potential.

I enjoy listening to people’s needs and seeing how the software can enable them. I also work hard to bring the best out of my team because by being consistent together, we’ll always be better but actually make a difference. I believe in some aspects of Agile Software Development process, I also believe that Scrum is a valid way of making progress to prove out ideas. There’s many ways to tackle the engineering challenges all development teams face. My goal is to help them find solutions by growing stronger together.

I love what I do.

Educational Experience

University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

  • Computer Science BS, December 2014

Academic Experience

At school, I experienced working in teams. During my time working on group projects, I learned about Git. The repository software allowed for team collaboration and revision control. I also learned about how to work with others during all phases of the software development life cycle.

School gave me the experience to gather system requirements, designing the application, writing the code, and testing. In my software engineering class, I got to experience all of phases. The project gave us experience to work with Boone County School District. The application we developed was a school lottery system for the charter school.

In my capstone class, I developed an application called FlippyNotes. The application works with the Evernote API. The application would pull notes from Evernote. The notes were then generated into flashcards for the user to study.

I have also developed an iOS application, Journey+, while taking the Team Based Mobile Development. Journey+ allowed users to visualize the steps they take in a day by carrying their iPhones around with them. The app was built using Swift.

Job Experience

Apple (2009-2011)

Retail Sales - Specialist

  • Responsible for running Genius Bar appointments
  • Assisted in managing floor support
  • Provided quality customer experience
  • Problem solved for customers and team
  • Sales and solutions

Blue Cross Blue Shield (2014)

Information Systems Intern – Cyber Security

  • Worked with IS Administrators
  • Created and updated Incident Response Policy, Plan & Procedures
  • Provided feedback for monitoring systems and the network
  • Incident Response Policy, Plan and Procedures
  • Technical Compliance
  • Risk Assessment

Busy Event (2015)

Full Stack Developer

Backend Development

  • Smyfony 2 PHP framework Front-end Development
  • AngularJS
  • Cordova
  • CSS
  • HTML5 Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services

Monsanto (2015-2017)

Software Developer

I was a contractor there for SyllogisTeks.

Backend Development

  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • NodeJS Front-end Development
  • BackboneJS
  • ReactJS
  • RamdaJS
  • webpack Cloud
  • Cloud Foundry
  • Amazon Web Services iOS Development
  • Objective-C
  • Swift


Senior Consultant (2020-2022) - Software Engineer / Team Lead

Consultant (2017-2020) - Software Engineer

I’ve worked on an iOS application for a large corporations here in St. Louis. We tied into the data through a backend API to display sales goals and data. It also allowed users to look at routes for the day and their managers to see their employees check in live.


  • Swift and RxSwift
  • API built on Salesforce

Developed the front end for a buy flow of another large corporation. It allows users to buy services from the company. The user base will range from consumers, direct sales and more.


  • React
  • Redux
  • mocha
  • chai
  • webpack

I worked on a new application that helps our clients provide risk analysis to their clients. This allows them to understand the risk in their applicants so they can provide insurance to them. I was able to help break the problem down into manageable components.


  • React
  • testing-library/react
  • jest
  • Spring Boot
  • Gradle
  • Postgres
  • Amazon Web Services
  • SumoLogic
  • TypeScript
  • webpack
  • Terraform
  • Redux

I worked on a helping delivery a workflow for testing products in the field for growers. This allowed them to weigh the cost benefit of different products.


  • React
  • testing-library/react
  • TypeScript
  • Redux

Lastly, I helped with moving features over to allow risk scoring to occur on transactions for a large financial company. This allowed other institutions to make informed decisions about possible fraud cases to protect customere.


  • Java

Career Skills

  • Knowledgeable in a wide range of technology;
    • Administration
    • Algorithm Design
    • Programming
    • Security
    • Scripting
  • Self-directed
  • Problem-solving
  • Exceptional organizational skills


  • Certified SAFe Scrum Master