Why Update?

You may be surprised, I’m working on this again. I decided it was far too long that I’ve not updated my Bubble Sort project to be in line with the current theme of my website, Programming Pat. So, I’m going to update some things to create a better project to help teach Bubble Sort, and also give the project more visual and navigational consistency with my main site.

I also decided that it was time to create the content that I’ve always wanted to. I have a habit of trying to create the framework with tools that I’m just learning. Now, I’ve decided to simplify things by switching over to Jekyll and grow from there. So, this will allow me to focus on creating more Bubble Sort content to help deepen understanding.

Find Out More

So feel free to check out the project here. Please don’t hesitate to create issues if you have questions, comments or feedback! I’ll do my best to work the content to be better in both clarity and breadth.


The sorting algorithm isn’t efficient but it has uses for small sample sizes. So, don’t feel like learning something from this is a total waste. 😄

I hope the improvements help!