Hello, Again

I’ve seemed to struggle to be consistent on any of my websites. I think I’ve got too tied up in designing all the code for my website to show that I could code instead of focusing on my goals. I’ve since revisited the ones I stated and have decided that some of them where how I was going to do it but not what I was going to do. I’m doing this to because I want to contribute to helping while learning together. So, I’ve switched my site some time ago to Jekyll, instead of writing all the React code.

I was hoping with that transition would allow me to focus on creating content. I struggled with creating a Ruby gem. Now, I struggled with that because the documentation wasn’t as clear as I hoped for some things. Well, I decided to take a Ruby build runner off the table so that I could focus back on creating content.

So, this leads me back to my original thought. Looking at the old goals and comparing that with what I really want to do. Let’s take a look at them below.

Old goals;
  • Keeping it simple, stupid (KISS Principle)
  • Help teach how to build web applications
  • Explore development best practices
  • Encourage a DevOps culture
New goals;
  • Learn together
  • Help teach how to build web and iOS applications
  • Explore development best practices
  • Encourage a DevOps culture

Changing My Mindset

Keeping it simple, stupid (KISS Principle)

Reviewing my work has allowed me to realize, the KISS Principle is how I’m going to learn and teach. That’s not really a goal. So, I took it off the list and state that I really want to learn together. That’s what this website is for. Helping facilitate conversations about development and making things together.

Help teach how to build web applications

Then I modify my second goal, which is to help teach how to build both web and iOS applications. I added the ... and iOS applications to the goal because I miss doing mobile development. Plus, I kinda miss making an application just for me. So, I’m going to create a little health application. It’s going to be a little application that helps me track things that are important to me. This application probably exists in many different ways but I want to do something on iOS.

This doesn’t mean I won’t ensure that I donate my time to teaching how to do build web applications. I think having an open web is important to have and I’ll always support it, regardless of working on a mobile application.

Explore development best practices

This one stayed the same. I think it is important to explore a multitude of topics to become a great developer. I’m going to explore things from different Agile methodologies (such as Scrum or Kanban), to testing and automating them, to software patterns, to keeping applications secure and lastly, how to deploy them.

Encourage a DevOps culture

I’m a big believer that both Developers and Operational engineers can learn a lot from each other. It’s important to work together to find the right tools that enable teams to be successful, but ensuring that no one is in this alone. We’re a team and as developers, we’re responsible to ensuring our code can be used. If we can’t help ensure our code can be used, then we’re not providing the value that writing our gives to our audience.

Closing Thoughts

So, really reflecting on these goals… I want to be more consistent on writing blog posts. I want to make small but measurable progress on these goals. My goal is to get this new post online, to publicly commit to delivering content more consistently. So, crafting clear goals is going to help me with that delivery. Now I can ask myself, “How does doing this help me fulfill the above goals?”

Let’s start learning together, again.